7 ways to absolutely rock the Milni

Wedding is an auspicious ritual that not only connects the bride and the groom but also connects two families in their purest elements. Consisting of various ceremonies and rituals, what makes an Indian wedding such a special affair is the great spirit shown by both the families to make marriage – a memorable occasion.

One such traditional ceremony is that of Milni. The word draws its origins from the Sanskrit word “Milan”, It describes the close bond of the family of bride and the family of groom. The tradition of Milni is quite popular in the northern parts of India, and it is performed before the marriage rituals take place.

When the family of Dulha (bridegroom) arrives with the Baraat, the family members of the bride greet the groom with garlands and shagun. The ceremony begins with the father of the bride meeting the father of the groom (Hugs and Garlands are exchanged). This gesture marks the beginning of a new bond created between both the families. After this, the family members on both sides from the eldest to the youngest generation greet each other with the aforementioned gesture and only after this ceremony is done with, the marriage proceeds further.

There are somethings one must keep in mind during this auspicious ceremony :

  1. Greeting The Baraat :-

When the Baraat arrives, It is important to greet the baraat with all happiness and then proceed with the rest of the ceremony. Providing the Baraatis with Water, Refreshment, Sweets is considered a kind act.

Image Courtsey : Wedding Wow

2. Participation :-

This Ceremony is made memorable when all the members of the family, right from the elders to younger generation are made a part of this ceremony. Leave no member behind.

3. Gifts :-

While exchanging gifts and articles, make sure appropriate amounts are exchanged between both the families. What and What Not is to be discussed with an elderly person who has prior experience about the ceremony. No article should be too costly that either of the family gets stressed out about it later.

4. Memories are Forever :-

Keep in mind, the Photographs that will be taken will be around for a long time. Its important to dress well as well as pose well for them. Its alright to click a few more photos and make more memories

5. Visibility

If there are a lot of people in the baraat, try to get the ceremony done on a raised platform where everyone can have a look at the ceremony

6. Timeliness

On time ceremonies are always appreciated by everyone (including those who aren’t a part of the families)

7. Atmosphere

Ask the DJ to play sensible/suitable songs so that it uplifts the mood of the overall ceremony. Playing songs at lesser volumes is another thing which can be done or not at all playing them is surely a better option.

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